6 Masks For Blackheads With Activated Charcoal

Masks For Blackheads

Thanks to the absorbing properties of activated charcoal, it is perfectly suitable for cleaning pores. In addition to blackheads, coal cleanses the skin of all kinds of contaminants that accumulate on its surface. It acts deeply, but gently, without injuring the epidermis.

Effective home masks against blackheads …

1. Mask with coal and black clay

This mask guarantees a qualitative skin cleansing. For its preparation, 1 tablet of activated charcoal is crushed and mixed with black clay and gelatin. These components need to take 1 teaspoonful. Dry ingredients are diluted 1 tablespoon of milk. Mask a little warm, until the gelatin is liquid, and apply on the face. Keep it for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

The result of the application is clean pores, even complexion.

Masks For Blackheads

2. Mask of gelatin and coal

This mask-film replaces the cleaning strips. The process of its preparation is simple. Mix 1 teaspoon of gelatin with 2 tablespoons of cold milk. Allow infusing for 5-10 minutes. Grind to a powdery consistency 1 tablet of activated charcoal and add to gelatin. Stir thoroughly. Preheat the composition in a water bath. You can use a microwave instead. It’s enough 15 seconds that the mask components become liquid.

Apply a slightly cooled mask on the skin, affected by acne. Keep until dry. This will take 15-20 minutes. Carefully remove the mask-film from the chin to the forehead.

Note that the mask is very tightly attached to the skin, so when removed, hairs that grow on the face may retract.

The result of applying a mask with gelatin – it will be possible to get rid of black points on the nose, as well as the forehead, chin, the skin becomes moisturized and velvety.

Masks For Blackheads

3. Mask based on water

Consists of 2 ingredients. For its preparation, rub 3 tablets of coal into a powder and mix with 1 tablespoon of water or milk. Apply the formulation to the skin. Wipe off the dried mask.

The result is that the pores are carefully cleaned, the skin becomes light and becomes healthy. Read more https://www.jessicajade.co/naturalbeauty/activated-charcoal-mask

4. Mask with yogurt and lemon

A soft cleansing face mask that acts gently. It will need to grind to a powdery consistency 1 tablet of coal. Dilute it with 2 tablespoons of yogurt, you need a product without flavoring, and then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, preferably freshly squeezed. Apply the mask to the face. Wash off after 15 minutes.

The result of the application – cleans the pores, without damaging the structure of the face.

5. Mask with aloe and sea salt

Well cleanses the skin of acne. To cook it, rub 2 tablets of activated charcoal and mix with 1/3 of a teaspoon of salt, add 1 teaspoon of aloe juice, and 2-3 drops of essential oil. Preferably give the tea tree oil. It is a good antiseptic. Dissolve the resulting mixture with water. Enough 1 tablespoon. The mask is applied to the cleansed face for 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, wash it off with a decoction of herbs or with warm water.

The result of application – clears pores from acne, acne, removes inflammatory processes.

6. Mask with cosmetic clay

Excellent for owners of oily skin. To make it, take 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal, powdered, and mix with white, as well as green clay. It is enough to take 0.5 teaspoons of clay. Add 1 tablespoon of rose petals. They must first be ground. Still need to take 3 drops of essential oil, lavender or geranium. Add so much water so that the mixture has a creamy consistency. Apply mask to face for 15 minutes. Wash off the decoction of chamomile, you can use water.

The result of the application – clears the skin from black spots, acne, removes skin peeling.

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