Skin-Tightening Treatments for Women

It may be true that our society has an unhealthy obsession with youth and beauty. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with looking and feeling your best at any age. And with life expectancy increasing with every generation thanks to advances in healthcare, a growing awareness of the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise, a slew of tests designed to spot genetic markers for deadly diseases, and an overall willingness of patients to undergo preventive exams and treatments, more and more women and men are not only making it to the age of retirement, but they’re living well beyond their centenary birthdays. Of course, we’ve only recently begun to understand the importance of avoiding sunlight, stress, and other environmental factors early in life as a way to protect our skin from the ravages of time, not to mention using appropriate cleansers, moisturizers, and anti-aging ingredients. But there are other options to treat skin that is already starting to sag.

Skin-Tightening Treatments for Women

Here are some effective skin-tightening treatments for the women out there who want to look as young as they feel.

  1. Home treatments. If you’ve recently started to notice fine lines and wrinkles, areas of sagging, and other signs of aging on your face, altering your skincare regimen to meet your new needs is an essential first step. You should talk to your dermatologist about using products that contain retinol or other anti-aging ingredients. This professional can not only make suggestions concerning your skin tightening needs, but he/she can also offer prescription strength formulas.
  2. This is one of the best types of skin tightening treatment for those who have minor issues with fine lines and sagging because it is neither invasive nor painful. There is generally little to no healing time since the treatment promotes new collagen production, plumpingsagging skin from within (although in some cases, redness, swelling, and discomfort may occur for a short period of time). And although you may have to go in for more than one treatment, the gentle lift you get from thermage looks totally natural (no scarring or extreme tightening as with cosmetic surgery) and the effects can last two years or more. Plus, it has been proven safe (and cleared by the FDA) for use on the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  3. Chemical peel. One way to encourage all-around rejuvenation of the skin is with a chemical peel, and there are several different options. You’ll want to avoid the home treatments, especially if you’ve never had a peel before. Even when you carefully follow instructions, the risk of damage with these products can be high because they are not being administered by a professional. When it comes to putting chemicals on your skin, pay for a pro! You’ll want to talk to your dermatologist about the best type of peel for your skin type, as some are better suited to pale, olive, or dark complexions than others. And consider starting with the weakest type of peel to see how your skin reacts before you go for a deeper peel. The results can beautiful, clear skin and a major reduction in dark spots, fine lines, and more. But you need to be careful.
  4. Fraxel laser. If you’re worried that the results of a chemical peel are simply too unpredictable, you might want to try a fractional laser treatment instead. Like thermage, this therapy is designed to produce new collagen, but like the chemical peel it can correct sun damage, dark spots, and other signs of aging in addition to improving skin tone and addressing wrinkles. Unfortunately, you will experience some swelling and peeling, as with a chemical peel, but it shouldn’t be as severe. For more check this article
  5. Cosmetic surgery. If non-invasive treatments simply aren’t enough to address your sagging skin and deep wrinkles, it may be time to take stronger measures. And this begins with finding a qualified and highly recommended cosmetic surgeon. These days you don’t even have to make the trek to Beverly Hills and wait months for a consultation with surgeon to the stars Garth Fisher.

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