Black Cosmetics, the trend of Activated Carbon

We have seen how the activated carbon has become very popular in food preparation. In addition to being used as a dye, to make foods into a beautiful intense black. They are also attributed to detox properties, often boasting a non-existent intelligent absorption of toxins but not nutrients.

Did you know that in the Asian tradition the Bamboo Activated Carbon is considered the most valuable and is called “the black diamond”? Its use has been known since the Ming dynasty, both in traditional Chinese medicine and in skin care rituals.activated carbon

Activated carbon through the dispersion force has the ability to adhere to its surface the free molecules with which it comes into contact (not as a “magnet” as is often defined by marketing, but more like an “adhesive”). Its great porosity gives it a huge contact surface and therefore a great ability to imprison these molecules, called adsorbent.

In cosmetics, coal is used, as well as for its natural coloring capabilities, especially for the adsorbing properties that make it an ideal ingredient in those products that aim to eliminate dirt, impurities, blackheads and regulate excess sebum. A normal detergent uses surfactants, but they cannot actively enter the pores. Activated carbon, on the other hand, can rely on its adsorbent capacity to capture impurities even inside the pores. We find it in detergent and exfoliating products such as soaps, scrubs, and charcoal mask.activated carbon

Activated carbon also has a mild disinfectant power, also trapping part of the bacteria (even the good ones, which then quickly grow back). Therefore it can be useful in products that support the skin in case of acne. And atopic dermatitis (acting on the sebum, bacterial formation, and irritations).

Even in hair care, its properties can be used in case of oily hair, lighten. And improve its volume and in case of itching, irritation, and dandruff.

It is important to underline that there are no solid clinical data that certify their properties in cosmetic use. So do not believe all that is being decanted and be cautious in evaluating the products on the market. Purifying your face or your hair with a totally black product is obviously a huge marketing drive and the cosmetic companies are launching us, creating products that are somewhat borderline between the sensible and none.

However, its excellent adsorbent capacity is undeniable and my experiences with various products containing this ingredient have so far been very satisfying so far. Maybe limited to the purchase of long-application products. Such as masks, since the effectiveness is linked to a prolonged application time. We also suggests you to visit actinera to know more briefly on charcoal related products.

Activated Charcoal is a well-tolerated ingredient and less dry skin compared to other ingredients that perform similar functions. For example, I tend to have problems applying masks to activated clay. The coal is less aggressive, less drying the skin.

Obviously, the rule is never to abuse it.